The MagicaProject aimed to bring a new magical experience to Minecraft through the use of Spigot and the magic of resource packs. Its development was cancelled after I was offered positions to work on other projects

The source is public on GitHub

Original Ideas:

The original version didn't use Minecraft models, and used pre-existing Minecraft Blocks.
After remembering that models are a thing in 1.11, I started to move to the use of Models.
Below are some images of the MagicaProject before I made some basic models.

The Model Transition

After looking up some quick tutorials on model creation, I began work on designing some simple models. You can see them in action below.

Below are some images of the models themselves within the modelling program.

Mana Generator and Advanced Mana Generator


Magic Crafter and Crafting Items

Magic Workbench and Custom GUI