Hi, my name is Gatt

About me

I am best known for my work as a Software Developer.I have coded a variety of custom solutions for clients, including graphics overlays for brands such as Lowkii.TV, and Discord Bot solutions for both personal and professional use.In my free time, I enjoy working on personal projects, as well as observing / producing esports matches. I am an avid Esports fan and dedicate time to running AOEsports - the largest volunteer grassroots tournament organiser for Overwatch in the Oceanic region

Programming Languages

  • Kotlin
  • Spring
  • JUnit
  • C#
  • NodeJS
  • BunJS
  • React
  • NextJS
  • Vue
  • PHP
  • Doctrine
  • Lavarel
  • Symfony
  • Technologies

    DockerKubernetesGitMySQLMongoDB / MariaDBPostgreSQLAWS ExperienceLinux Distros (Ubuntu, RedHat)

    Brands I have worked with

    AOEsportsBlizzard Ent.Lowkii.TV (Back Pocket)LetsPlay.LIVENvidia ANZQuokka Mousepads

    Back Pocket Anniversary Overlay

    A custom NodeCG/Express solution for Back Pocket

    Back Pocket Overlay
    The team from Back Pocket reached out to me to help them create a custom overlay for their yearly anniversary stream, which you can see below.
    The overlay uses NodeCG, with React components to create a dynamic overlay. Using middleware endpoints to retrieve webhook calls from Patreon as well as other services to gather donations live and announce them on stream.
    (Not shown in the below clip) The team also wanted an automatic goal system to track how much has been donated throughout the night. Goals could be dynamically changed on the fly by the team and displayed a progress bar

    AOEsports Tournament Website

    AAOL Season 4 '23 Tournament Page
    We needed a custom solution to help manage our Esports Tournaments. I spent last year designing, and creating the AOEsports Tournament Website. The website features a backend for data management as well as a microservice written with Bun (JavaScript) to connect to Discord and update players.

    Daily Tracker

    The Daily Tracker Website
    A simple and straight-forward solution to tracking your daily habits.